Rotary Dragon Boat Festival


Can we practise before the day?

No. Boats are not available until the day of the races. Full training will be given on the day.

How do I enter a team?

Please download, complete and return the application form, available from the Downloads section.

How many people in a team?

16 paddlers and a drummer are required. We suggest 20 team members to make sure you have reserves, but you can have more than 20 as long as all team members are listed on the team list form and have had a safety briefing by the racing organisers on the day.

How many races will each team have?

There will usually be a minimum of three heats. If your team does well, there will be at least one more race to decide the outright winners.

How much does it cost to enter a team?

There are various levels of entry and sponsorship packages available. A full description of these packages can be found in the Taking Part section.

Is there a minimum age limit?

Children from the age of 12 may be on a team as long as they can swim. Also, for those aged 12-16, there should be a “buddy” in the team assigned to look after them.

What are the Health and Safety provisions?

We are covered by a very extensive Rotary insurance policy for all the land based activities while Dragon Boat Events, which organises the water activities, is also fully covered. We are subject, and must comply with, very robust Health and Safety requirements by the local council.